Let’s hold hands…

…while I eat you out.

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"I was not myself for weeks yet nobody noticed."

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"Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."

— Unknown -
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I definitely thirst follow some of you bitches!

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" I think that you’re incredibly beautiful."


"Really. "

Love Jones, 1997

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I told my little cousin that her beautiful hair has magical powers… So she bought me back some acorns as a gift lol I love you Aubrey🌻

P. S. Black Girls DO matter.

Lol y’all I got these pine cones mixed up with acorns… My bad lol

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"No love is ever the same. I’ll never love someone in the same way I loved you. But that doesn’t mean I won’t find another love that fills me in ways I never knew before. I won’t ever love someone like I loved you again. And thank god because I could use a happy ending instead."

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"I want to be with you. Everyday."

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"I wake up wanting you. I fall asleep wanting you. I watch a magnificent sunrise and can think only of sharing it with you. I glimpse a piece of amber and see your eyes… I’ve caught a disease, and the fever abates only when I’m near you."

— Karen Marie Moning, To Tame A Highland Warrior (via larmoyante)

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